[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 低频比波长复用高效双功能超表面-Wavelength Multiplexed Dual Function Metasurface with Low Frequency Ratio
Wavelength Multiplexed Dual Function Metasurface with Low Frequency Ratio
中文关键词: 超表面  波长复用  低串扰  聚焦OAM波束  贝塞尔波束
英文关键词: metasurface  wavelength multiplexing  low crosstalk  focusing OAM beam  Bessel beam
逄智超,许河秀,罗慧玲,王朝辉,王彦朝,徐硕,徐健 空军工程大学防空反导学院西安710051 
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      多功能微波器件由于能在小尺寸器件上实现大容量功能集成,在现代通信系统中具有重要作用。然而由于器件功能的高度集成,使得多功能器件往往存在严重的通道串扰,降低了器件效率。对此,提出了一种低通道串扰的频率复用方法,通过在两层介质板上构建互补形式的双C形开槽谐振器和双C形金属谐振器,实现了双谐振单元。由于双谐振器具有很高的Q值,能在低频比情形下实现相位的独立调控。为进行验证并探索应用,设计了工作于f1=9.2 GHz和f2=11.2 GHz的多功能超表面。仿真结果与实验结果吻合良好,表明超表面在f1和f2处分别实现了模式数l=3的聚焦OAM波束和零阶贝塞尔波束。与以往报道的多功能超表面相比,设计的器件双频工作频比仅为1.2,且双频器件效率高达86.1%和93%。提出的低频比、低通道串扰波长复用超表面方法为实现大容量功能集成应用提供了一种有效途径。
      Multi functional microwave devices play an important role in modern communication systems because they can achieve large capacity function integration in small sized devices. However, multifunctional devices often exhibits serious channel crosstalk due to the high integration, which significantly reduces the device efficiency. Here, a frequency multiplexing method with low channel crosstalk is proposed. A double Cshaped slot resonator and a double C shaped metal resonator are utilized in a complementary form on two dielectric boards for realizing a hybrid meta atom with double operation modes. The high Q value being achieved in hybrid resonator, the phase can be controlled independently at two operation bands with low frequency ratio. To verify the concept and explore possible applications, a bifunctional metasurface with two distinct functions are designed at f1=9.2 GHz and f2=11.2 GHz. The numerical results are in good agreement with the experimental ones, indicating a focused OAM beam with mode number l=3 at f1 and a zero order Bessel beam at f2. Compared with the previously reported wavelength multiplexing devices, the frequency ratio of dual operation modes here is only 1.2, and the efficiency is measured as 86.1% and 93% respectively. The wavelength multiplexing method with low frequency ratio and low channel crosstalk provides an effective avenue in high capacity integrated function application.
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