[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 深度学习研究及军事应用综述-Review of Deep Learning Research and Application of New Scientific Discoveries to Military
王晓丹, 向前, 李睿, 来杰.深度学习研究及军事应用综述[J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,2022,23(1):1-11
Review of Deep Learning Research and Application of New Scientific Discoveries to Military
中文关键词: 深度学习  卷积神经网络  循环神经网络  自编码器  生成对抗网络  目标识别  态势感知  指挥决策
英文关键词: deep learning  convolution neural networks  recurrent neural networks  auto encoders  generative adversarial networks  target recognition  situational awareness  command decision
王晓丹, 向前, 李睿, 来杰 1.空军工程大学防空反导学院 西安 710051 2. 61932部队 北京 100089 
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      As one of the current research hotspots in artificial intelligence, deep learning has received widespread attention. With the powerful feature representation and learning capability, the deep learning has increasingly become the technical basis for the development of intelligence in the military field. In combination with the latest development of deep learning, this paper points out that the rapid development of deep learning is attributed to the breakthrough of theory, the remarkable improvement of computer computing power and the widespread popularity of open source software, focuses on combing the current main deep learning hardware platforms and programming frameworks, and summarizes the characteristics and research progress of each. Further, the application and shortcomings of the deep learning in typical military areas such as target recognition, situational awareness and command decision are summarized. Finally, the challenges faced by military application of deep learning are analyzed, including difficulties in data acquisition, insufficient ability to handle uncertain and incomplete information and multi domain information, low accuracy and real time, and poor interpretability and comprehensibility. In view of such challenges mentioned above, the paper looks forward to the future, the possible development directions, and the trend.
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