[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 基于虚拟阵元冗余平均的对称嵌套MIMO雷达DOA估计-Symmetric Nested MIMO Radar DOA Estimation Based on Virtual Array Redundancy Averaging
Symmetric Nested MIMO Radar DOA Estimation Based on Virtual Array Redundancy Averaging
中文关键词: MIMO雷达  对称嵌套阵  DOA估计  “和差联合”阵列  冗余平均
英文关键词: MIMO radar  symmetric nested array  direction of arrival estimation  sum-difference coarray  redundancy average
张宇乐1,胡国平1,周豪1,朱明明1,赵飞龙2 1.空军工程大学防空反导学院 西安 710051 2.93951部队 青海格尔木 816000 
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      Aimed at the problems that being caused by deleting the repeated virtual array during DOA estimation, effective information and estimation performance are lost and poor, a symmetric nested MIMO radar DOA estimation algorithm is proposed based on redundancy average of virtual array. Firstly, a set of uniform linear array and a set of sparse uniform linear array are arranged symmetrically by taking zero as a center to constitute a monostatic Multiple Input Multiple Output radar transmitting array and a receiving array. The array structure is to change the conventional virtual array for a symmetric sum coarray structure from the difference coarray structure, thus increasing the degree of freedom, reducing the mutual coupling of the system, and applying it in uncorrelated and coherent targets DOA estimation. Secondly, the vectorized sample covariance matrix and the Toeplitz matrix are reconstructed by averaging the redundant virtual elements of sum difference coarray. Finally, the combination of the proposed algorithm with the MUSIC algorithm for DOA estimation effectively improves the performance of target estimation number and angle estimation. The simulation results show that the proposed array structure and algorithm are effective.
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