[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 锯齿化进气道口面电磁散射影响分析-An Analysis of Influence on Electromagnetic Scattering of Serration Mouth Inlet
An Analysis of Influence on Electromagnetic Scattering of Serration Mouth Inlet
中文关键词: 锯齿  进气道  电磁散射  隐身  RCS
英文关键词: serration  inlet  electromagnetic scatterings  stealth  RCS (Radar Cross Section)
刘战合1,王菁1,姬金祖2,石金祥3,任浩然1 1. 郑州航空工业管理学院航空工程学院郑州4500462. 北京航空航天大学航空科学与工程学院北京100191 
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      为研究锯齿化对电磁散射的影响,以两种飞翼布局为基础,建立了直线型、锯齿化进气道口面飞行器模型;采用物理光学法,数值计算了各模型在不同状态下RCS曲线,研究了锯齿化的散射分布影响及RCS减缩值的俯仰角、频率响应特性。结果表明:锯齿化进气道口面可有效降低头向、后向散射波峰,并影响其他角域波峰分布情况;俯仰角增大时,锯齿化RCS减缩值呈震荡递减趋势,不同布局不同角域上表现各异,幅值影响为10~30 dB;频率增加时,锯齿化RCS减缩值呈震荡变化,幅值影响为5~25 dB之间;锯齿化对不同布局的电磁散射影响不同,其中布局A头向30°角域的隐身性能提高最为明显,减缩值为20~30 dB。
      For the convenience of studying the influence of serration on the electromagnetic scattering, two aircraft models with straight line and serration mouth inlet are established taking two kinds of flying wing layouts as a basis. The RCS curves with different parameters are calculated numerically by the Physical Optics method. And the effect of serration on scattering distribution and the RCS reduction with different pitch angles frequencies are studied. The numerical results show that the serration mouth inlet can effectively reduce the scattering peaks in nose and rear direction, and also affects the distribution of peak in other angular domains. The RCS reduction decreases in oscillation with amplitude variation from 10~30dB when the pitch angle increases. The RCS reduction varies in oscillation with amplitude variation from 5~25 dB when the frequency increases. The serration has an effects differently on the electromagnetic scattering with different layouts. The stealth performance of layout A in angular domains of 30° in nose direction is improved obviously, and the reduction value is 20~30 dB.
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