[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 容错型开关磁阻起动/发电系统的非线性建模及仿真-Fault Tolerance of Switched Reluctance Starter/ Nonlinear Modeling in Generator System
Fault Tolerance of Switched Reluctance Starter/ Nonlinear Modeling in Generator System
中文关键词: 开关磁阻起动/发电系统  不对称半桥式功率变换器  容错性  非线性建模
英文关键词: switched reluctance generator system  asymmetric half bridge power converter  fault tolerant  nonlinear modeling
刘勇智,王熔基,戴聪,周政 1.空军工程大学航空工程学院,西安,710038 2.94672部队,南京,2111993.95148部队,湖南耒阳,421849 
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      建立了一种容错型开关磁阻起动/发电系统的非线性模型。基于开关磁阻电机的数学模型,包括电路方程和机械方程,利用模块化思想搭建了开放型模型,分析了模型的可行性:①电动状态下额定电压380 V时,输出转矩能达到恒转矩起动要求;②发电状态下在2 000 r/min的原动机的带动下,实现空载快速建压,能够快速稳定在270 V附近并实现调压。针对功率器件开路故障率高的特点,利用硬件冗余思想设计了一种容错性的功率变换器。为了验证系统的容错性能,人为设置故障进行了仿真对比分析,结果表明:①电动状态容错系统不仅消除了转矩死区,而且提高了平均转矩、减小了转矩脉动;②发电状态下输出电压在0.2 s内使得输出电压恢复到270 V左右,相电流也下降至正常运行范围,容错性能良好。
      A non linear model of fault tolerant switched reluctance starter/generator system is proposed in this paper. Based on the mathematical model of switched reluctance motor, including circuit equation and mechanical equation, an open model is built with modularization idea. The feasibility of the model is analyzed:① when the rated voltage is 380V under condition of electromotive state, the output torque can meet the needs of constant torque starting; ② under condition of electric power state, driven by the prime mover with 2 000 r/min, the no load rapid voltage building can be realized, and the voltage can be quickly stabilized at near 270 V and regulated. In view of the high open circuit fault rate of power devices, a fault tolerant power converter is designed based on the idea of hardware redundancy. In order to verify the fault tolerant performance in the system, the simulation results show that:① the fault tolerant system at the electric state not only eliminates the dead time of the torque, but also improves the average torque and reduces the torque ripple; ② the output voltage restores to about 270 V within 0.2 s, and the phase current also drops to the normal operating range, the fault tolerant performance is good.
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