[author_cn_name].[cn_title][J].空军工程大学学报:自然科学版,[year_id],[volume]([issue]):[start_page]-[end_page] 三体对抗中的微分对策协同突防策略-A Cooperative Collaborative Strategy in Three Body Engagement Based on Differential Game
A Cooperative Collaborative Strategy in Three Body Engagement Based on Differential Game
中文关键词: 三体对抗  导弹突防  微分对策  离散  主动防御
英文关键词: three body engagement  attack defense confrontation  differential game  discrete signal  active defense
熊思宇,李刚,王华吉,陈峰 空军工程大学防空反导学院,西安,710051 
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      在我方高价值飞行器或突防导弹面对敌方拦截器的拦截,采取逃逸机动并释放一枚拦截器的主动防御策略时,提出了离散的协同追踪 逃逸导引律。首先,采用线性二次微分对策的方法对双方飞行器任意阶动力学进行分析,对离散化后的二次型性能指标给出了最优解。该导引律从攻防双方博弈的角度考虑:突防导弹和防御器一方分别采取最优协同逃逸、追踪策略;拦截器一方采取相对应的最优追踪或躲避策略。导引律取决于拦截器和防御器、突防导弹和拦截器的零控脱靶量。其次,设置的仿真情形展示协同下的优势,与传统的一对一导引律相比,协同导引律能够极大的减小对防御器机动能力的需求。最后验证了该算法对的权值不确定性有良好的鲁棒性。
      This paper presents a discrete cooperative pursuit evasion strategy when a high value vehicle or a evader launches a defender as a countermeasure against an incoming enemy interceptor. This paper utilizes a linear quadratic differential game formulation for analyzing arbitrary order linear players dynamics, and gives out the optimum solutions for discrete quadratic performance index. The paper takes into the consideration of the game composed of two agents, i.e. the optimal cooperative evasion strategy for the evader, the optimal cooperative pursuit strategy for the defender, and the optimal strategy of the homing interceptor for pursuing the evader and for evading the defender. The obtained guidance laws are dependent on the zero effort miss distances of two pursuer evader pairs: interceptor with the evader and defender with homing interceptor. The simulation results are used to validate the defensive effect under cooperation. The advantages of cooperation are shown. Compared with the conventional one on one guidance law, the cooperation greatly reduces the maneuverable requirements from the defending missile. The simulation also shows that the algorithm is good in robustness to the uncertainty of weight.
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